The Tactics of Anti-Gunners

As the anti-gunners are running out of political ammunition and their tactics of void arguments are being destroyed, people are growing weary of hearing their mindless rants.  Those who are opposed to the gun culture - the mad mommies, the Brady bunch and their ilk - are re-doubling their efforts to infringe on the rights of all gun owners, from the casual shooter to the outspoken gun activist.

Anti-gunners are trying dig up tried and true tactics to remove guns from public places. We have seen these tactics before.  Remember when every bar room was smoke-filled and restaurants had the few tables in the far corner for the smokers? I sure do. If you remember those days, then you should remember how the anti-tobacco crowd used our school systems to influence children to shame parents who smoked. You will also remember that businesses started with more and more no smoking areas, or banned smoking all together.  Fast forward to October 1, 2015: it will be illegal to smoke in a vehicle with minors inside of it.

After some time, those business owners sought out political help from city councils to pass ordinances to protect the reputation of their businesses so they didn’t seem like whiny smoke haters. They could then post a sign and shrug it off as “That’s the law”.  That is exactly the kind of tactics being used by Shannon Watts of anti-gunner group Moms Demand Action.  During an appearance on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Watts claimed her gun control group is defeating the NRA by going around Congress to get “policies in place” at various businesses “just like they did with tighter [laws for] smoking.”

What can the gun community do about it? We can continue to practice and train others on proper gun safety, and we can diligently inform our friends, neighbors, families and co-workers about how guns are not the problem here. The problem is a very minuscule percentage of people using guns to harm other people, and the over-done media coverage of those incidents magnifies them. This is a people problem, not a gun problem. I volunteer to teach children and new gun owners gun safety, I am politically active, and I stay informed using a wide variety of news and statistical outlets.

We must keep the pressure on businesses that post legal signage that prevents legal possession of firearms by letting them know we will take our dollars elsewhere.  If we are not welcome to defend ourselves and our families on their property, then we are not welcome in those establishments.  There is no shortage of the positive pressure we can put on our communities.  We must prevent local politicians from trying to enact city ordinances that support the anti-gunners.  The public opinion is in our favor and even MSNBC reports that a December 2014 Pew Research Center poll shows that support for gun control has dropped from 66% in 1999 to 46% in 2014.

In the graphic below you can see that there is a sharp increase in support for protecting our gun rights
Broad Increase in Support for Gun Rights

Don’t allow gun control groups to destroy our future. Stay in the fight, and stand up for your enumerated rights.

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  1. Very well said Mr Pike. With the example of a leader we have in office, it appears groups with agendas are following his lead to push their priorities without consideration for current laws, ramifications of their actions or consideration for any right afforded by our constitution. Frankly, all this bullshit is quickly sickening me. The loss of our country is happening before our very eyes.