An Open Letter to Gov. Greg Abbott

Gov. Abbott,

On Friday, November 4, 2016, in response to a credible terrorist threat to the State of Texas from the FBI, you issued a statement in which you asked all Texans to "remain vigilant over the next several days." While I am certain that you have been coordinating with the Texas Department of Public Safety, among other agencies, to ensure the safety of all Texans, the fact of the matter remains that the 2,162 State Troopers, along with the Texas Military Forces cannot guarantee protection for every one of the 27 million Texans across this State.

While Texas has issued close to 1 million Licenses To Carry, this still only goes so far to protect our State from insurrection. The best way to keep Texans safe is to call for the passage of a Constitutional Carry bill in the next Legislative Session. Several people in this State own firearms, but have not taken the time to obtain their LTC's due to an infinite number of justifiable reasons. When threats become probable, the only way to ensure safety is to allow every citizen the right to carry without having to obtain an LTC.

In addition to Constitutional Carry, I believe that it is imperative to the safety of all Texans that the Legislature also repeal all State-mandated gun free zones including courtrooms, places of worship, hospitals, sporting events, and 51% establishments. Please call for the full restoration of our rights, Governor, and help ensure the safety of all Texans now and in the future.


Lone Star Gun Rights

4 Responses

  1. I would like to add that more than a few times, armed citizens have aided police officers, business owners, and other citizens when they were under attack from criminals. Please give us the freedom to take advantage of our full 2nd Amendment rights and make Constitutional carry legal so that we can do our part to keep Texas as safe a place to live as possible.
  2. I will not pay for a license that the constitution tells me i dont need to have.
  3. At the little church my family attends; the pastor and members of the congregation all agree on carrying as a daily event, church included.
  4. The Great State of Texas has nothing to fear from law abiding L.T.C.citizens! Please Governor Abbott allow us to be safe EVERyWHERE we go in TexasQ