Texas Knifemakers Guild Three-Day Workshop

Recently, Lone Star Gun Rights had the pleasure of attending a three-day knife making workshop, hosted by the Texas Knifemakers Guild (TKG), in partnership with Tarleton State University (TSU). The class ran from  June 20-23, 2017 and was held in TSU’s new Agriculture Mechanics building. TKG Members, and other sponsors, provided various knife making equipment. Sponsors included:

Representatives from Jantz, Jephco, and Paragon were also on hand to help with the workshop.

Texas Knife Makers Guild

Texas Knifemakers Guild

Throughout the three days, fifteen volunteers from TKG provided expert knife making instruction for around thirty students from various walks of life. Most of the students were agriculture teachers who were taking the course for continuing education. Two of the students purchased their slots in an open auction as a way to support TKG. By the end of the three days, the students and instructors had forged over forty-five knives by hand.

Texas Knife Makers Guild

Texas Knifemakers Guild

Because so many skilled makers attended, and such a variety of equipment was available, including more than 15 2x72 grinders, three forges, three anvils, and a power hammer, students were able to choose from a variety of knife construction methods. Many students chose to forge their knives, heating the steel in a gas forge and beating it to shape with a hammer. Others students chose stock removal, with either flat or hollow grinds. It was truly amazing to see the different methods by which a blade could be made.

Representatives from LSGR attended the workshop to create a video to promote knife making in the State of Texas (linked above). We interviewed numerous people in TKG, including:

  • Jason Fry, TKG President
  • James Huse, TKG Secretary and Forged-in-Fire Champion (Season 4, Episode 10; "Redemption - Sword Breaker")
  • Tobin Neito, TKG Member and Forged-in-Fire Champion (Season 2, Episode 8; "The Cutlass")
  • Troy Hawley, TKG Member
  • Jim McGuinn, TKG Member

With knives making up a hugely overlooked part of the 2nd Amendment, it was incredibly refreshing to see these master craftsmen passing on their skills with anyone with a burning forge in their heart. Everyone at LSGR is looking forward to partnering with the Texas Knifemakers Guild again in the future.

If you or someone you know has an interest in knife making, please share this article and video with them. The knife making community is a tight-knit brotherhood of amazing people who gladly welcome anyone and everyone to their craft with open arms. We know that the forge will keep burning, and we sincerely hope you will join us next time.

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