Texas Counties on Carrying Guns Near Courtrooms

Texas counties perplexed about Open Carry near courtrooms...  Texas Counties are not sure what constitutes premises and courtroom.  Many county buildings in Texas have a courtroom in the building but the entire building is not a courtroom.  A prime example of this would be an county annex building that has a tax assessors office, county dump office, library or other county services that citizens need to access but has a courtroom in one area of the building.  Should that entire building be off limits to citizens with licenses to carry handguns?

Judge Fowler of Upshur county and other Texas counties have asked for an opinion from the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

On January 1, 2016 Texas will begin to allow the open or concealed carry of modern handguns so long as they have the holy grail of gun owners, uh, I mean license to carry.  But what if they need to go to the tax assessors office like described above to get their Texas automobile registration and they have their legal handgun?  Do they have to rush out to their vehicle and leave their handgun unattended or will they be able to tend to their business unimpeded?   For now, Texans will have to wait and see when Ken Paxton will issue his opinion.


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