Move Over Hearing Protection Act, SHUSH Act is Superior!

By now we've all heard about the Hearing Protection Act (HPA), H.R.367 in the House, and S.59 in the Senate. These bills will remove suppressors from regulation under the National Firearms Act of 1934. This bill will remove the requirement for citizens to file an ATF Form 4, pay a $200 tax to the Treasury, and wait to get their tax stamps so they pick up the $1200 suppressor they paid for months ago.

It definitely sounds like a great bill, and it is a step in the right direction. A new bill, however, takes removing this unconstitutional infringement just a step further. The Silencers Helping Us Save Hearing (SHUSH) Act has been filed in both the House by Congressman Steve King of Iowa (H.R.3139) and in the Senate by Senator Mike Lee of Utah (S.1505). This bill not only removes suppressors from the NFA, it also mandates that suppressors be treated the same as firearm accessories.

Currently, all suppressors must be transferred through an FFL dealer after completion of a NICS background check. The SHUSH Act will remove all of those requirements. This alone makes the SHUSH Act far superior to the HPA. Both bills, however, do allow for a refund of any tax stamps bought for suppressors since October 22, 2015.

Gun control advocates obviously oppose both bills. Everytown Research issued a statement saying "Silencers pose a significant danger in the wrong hands, making it harder for bystanders or law enforcement to identify and react quickly to gunshots." These people clearly have no idea how suppressors work outside of what Hollywood tells them.

Though these bills are a step in the right direction, there are still plenty of unconstitutional infringements on the books. All of Chapter44, Title 18, U.S.C., is dedicated to firearms. While we fully support both the HPA and SHUSH, we would ultimately like to see all of Chapter 44 repealed. Both bills are currently awaiting a hearing in their appropriate House and Senate committees.

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  1. Keep up the fight
  2. Finally moving in the right direction. Keep up the good fight!