Election Day is Today!

Election Day is TODAY!!! Be sure to get out and vote!

History has been made in the Lone Star Gun Rights world. For the first time ever, our grassroots organization has endorsed candidates running for offices in the State Legislature. These candidates have been carefully selected as we believe that credibility is everything. They have pledged to be leaders in the Legislature in the following ways:

  • Spearhead the passage of Constitutional Carry
  • Advocate for the elimination of Gun Free Zones
  • Push for legislation to nullify unconstitutional Federal gun laws

It is because of this that a Lone Star Gun Rights endorsement is the hardest endorsement to earn in the State of Texas.

The following candidates have been proudly endorsed by Lone Star Gun Rights, and we encourage you to support them. If you are unsure which State House or State Senate district you live in, you can find out by clicking here.

Candidate (Facebook Linked)District (Map Linked)Website
Bryan Slaton House District 2 http://bryanslaton.com/
Thomas McNutt House District 8 http://thomasmcnutt.com
Danny Ward House District 11 https://wardfortexas.com/
Emily Cook House District 18 https://emilycook.org/
Mayes Middleton House District 23 http://mayesmiddleton.com/
Damon Rambo House District 25 http://damonrambo.com/
Amber Pearce House District 45 https://amberpearcefortexas.com/
Jay Wiley House District 47 http://www.votejaywiley.com
CJ Grisham  House District 55 https://cjgrisham.com
Rep. Mike Lang House District 60 https://www.votemikelang.com
Rep. Kyle Biedermann House District 73 http://kylebiedermann.com
Armin Mizani House District 98 http://votearmin.com
Bo French House District 99 http://bofrench.com
Jared Patterson House District 106 https://jaredpatterson.net
Jonathan Boos House District 113 http://boosfortexas.com
Lisa Luby Ryan House District 114  https://www.lisalubyryan.org
Chris Fails House District 122 https://chrisfails.org
Susanna Dokupil House District 134 http://www.susannaforstaterep.com
Rep. Pat Fallon Senate District 30 https://fallonfortexas.com

All of these endorsements have a March 6 Primary opponent. Following the Primary Election, our endorsements will grow to include candidates who were unopposed during the Primary. Help us promote our endorsed candidates by donating here. Every dollar you donate will go directly to helping get these candidates win the GOP nomination on March 6.

Interviews that have been conducted with candidates are available on our Lone Star Gun Talk YouTube channel, iTunes, and Google Play. Be sure to subscribe to get alerted when a new podcast episode is uploaded!

We have also endorsed Jason Isaac for US Congress in District 21! You can visit his website here. He is the only Congressional candidate with our endorsement!

The following people are candidates with Primary opponents that are not currently endorsed by Lone Star Gun Rights, but did return our 2018 Candidate Survey and Leadership Pledge. This is a big step as they are signing their names to a promise to advance Lone Star Gun Rights' legislative agenda.  If a candidate did not return our survey, they do not appear. We have made several attempts to contact the candidates who have not returned our survey with no reply. Should more surveys be returned, this page will be updated. You can read the Survey and Pledge we sent every Republican candidate by clicking here.

  • Senate District 8 - Phillip Huffines
  • Senate District 30 - Craig Carter
  • Senate District 31 - Victor Leal
  • House District 4 - Ashley McKee
  • House District 4 - Marty Reid
  • House District 6 - Ted Kamel
  • House District 13 - Daniel McCarthy
  • House District 13 - Marc S. Young
  • House District 14 - Rick Davis
  • House District 15 - Jackie Waters
  • House District 15 - Steve Toth
  • House District 45 - Austin Talley
  • House District 45 - Naomi Narviaz
  • House District 47 - Patty Vredevelt
  • House District 52 - Jeremy Story
  • House District 52 - Christopher L. Ward
    • Ward answered "No" to Question 3
  • House District 55 - Brandon Hall
  • House District 59 - Chris Evans
  • House District 62 - Brent Lawson
  • House District 62 - Kevin Couch
  • House District 64 - Mark Roy
  • House District 65 - Kevin Simmons
  • House District 65 - Ron Simmons
  • House District 87 - Drew Brassfield
  • House District 88 - Jason Huddleston
  • House District 89 - Candy Noble
  • House District 105 - Dinesh Mali
  • House District 121 - Adrian Spears
  • House District 121 - Carlton Soules
  • House District 121 - Charlotte Williamson
  • House District 121 - Matt Beebe
  • House District 126 - E. Sam Harless
  • House District 144 - Gilbert Pena

Again, if you are able, please help us promote these candidates across Texas by donating any amount you are able. It is imperative that we drain the Austin swamp so we can get Constitutional Carry enacted in 2019!

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  1. GRA
    The only way you'll get Constitutional Carry passed in Texas is to have the Governor and Lt. Governor support, advocate, and campaign for it ... AND/OR ... get it on the ballot so WE THE PEOPLE can vote it in. If you had done this in the beginning we would already have it. "Suicide Dan" Dan Patrick DOES NOT support or want Constitutional Carry in Texas and I don't think Abbott does neither. This is largely why we don't have it. This should tell you to start campaigning to get it on the ballot ... FINALLY.