Campus Carry – VIDEO

Are you familiar with Campus Carry?

Campus Carry Senate Bill 11 Effective: August 1, 2016

"Caption: Relating to the carrying of handguns on the campuses of and certain other locations associated with institutions of higher education; providing a criminal penalty.

  • Authorizes a license holder to carry a concealed handgun on or about the license holder's person while the license holder is on the campus of an institution of higher education or private or independent institution of higher education in this state. Open carrying of handguns is still prohibited at these locations.
  • Authorizes an institution of higher education or private or independent institution of higher education in this state to establish rules, regulation, or other provisions concerning the storage of handguns in dormitories or other residential facilities that are owned or leased and operated by the institution and located on the campus of the institution.
  • Requires the president or other chief executive officer of an institution of higher education in this state to establish reasonable rules, regulations, or other provisions regarding the carrying of concealed handguns by license holders on the campus or on specific premises located on the campus.
  • Authorizes posting of a sign under Penal Code Section 30.06 with respect to any portion of a premises on which license holders may not carry.
  • The effective date of this law for a public junior college is August 1, 2017"

People around the country talk about Texas as being the gun totin' wild west but they don't understand how many people in the Lone Star state are opposed to law abiding citizens being able to protect themselves.  Some University of Texas faculty, staff and students are working to create as many dangerous, gun free zones as possible.  The biggest argument seems to be that the faculty and staff are afraid they will not be able to have disagreements on controversial issues and that teachers will be afraid to give a fair grade for under performing students.  The so called "Campus Carry" law applies to all public colleges and universities in Texas, private universities can opt out and maintain campus wide gun free zones.  Where will you send your kid and money?

Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holders must undergo a thorough criminal background check and a class plus range proficiency and pay a fee for the license and the classes.  The percentage of CHL holders that commit violent crime is minuscule and to think that these hyper-aware CHL holders will be committing violent crime is absurd.

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4 Responses

  1. Yup she summed it up when she said she felt... Opinions vs Civil Rights. No discussion no debate.
  2. I'm long time out of college and Med school. However, we carried weapons most, but not all places, CONCEALED. These were never discovered because no criminals shooting innocents occurred... if there been about 25 of us would have stopped them. I will pray for all in the gun free schools that stay as blessed as we were.
  3. No Civil Or Criminal Immunity For Disarming The Citizens! That'll Shut Em Up!
  4. Wow, is28&#n17;t she kind and thoughtful? Why don’t these people spend money on people who are actually in need? Can you imagine the lives they could change? I see stories every day of people who are suffering. Do they even do anything to help these people?