Track Firearm Legislation Only At LSGR!

It pleases me to announce a new feature at Lone Star Gun Rights; our new 2017 Legislation Tracker! The new addition to our website gives you an easy way to track firearm legislation that we support and oppose. Each bill shows a short summary and links to the Texas Legislature website. From there, you can read the latest version of the bill for yourself if you wish. Another row will be added to show its progress once the legislation is referred to a Committee. We will also add contact information for the Committee members, once assigned.

Committee member assignments and legislation referrals will likely be in early February. On a regular basis, we will update the tracker with new legislation and the status for all. This is a great tool for patriots like you to quickly stay informed of the goings on in the Legislature.

We have a constant battle before us. Joe Straus and Dan Patrick have their own set of priorities this Session. Sadly, Constitutional Carry is not on the list. The only priority piece of firearms legislation is SB 16, the bill that will eliminate the fees for an LTC. We support SB 16, but not at the expense of Constitutional Carry (HB 375). Like the Texas GOP platform, Constitutional Carry is our number one legislative priority.

As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words. No matter how much we call out the RINOs and expose them online, nothing will happen unless we act. Lone Star Gun Rights is incredibly proud of our activism last session. We delivered over 45,000 petitions to all 181 Legislators, including hand delivering them to Dan Patrick's office. We also organized several block walks and testified before both the House and Senate Committees in favor of Constitutional Carry.

Everything that we do is done because we firmly believe in our mission. We cannot complete our mission without your help. Your donations are what makes everything we do possible. If you are able, please donate so we can continue bringing the heat to the Legislature. Despite having Republicans making up 2/3 of both chambers, we do not have many allies. The tactics they employ prevent them from casting a recorded vote on firearms legislation. They know they cannot afford to vote against it. They, instead, ensure that it gets killed in committee. Their hands and their record stay clean this way.

If you have not already, please sign and share our Constitutional Carry Petition all over social media. Encourage all of your friends to sign and Like us on Facebook. These actions give us more ammunition in our fight against those who threaten our right to bear arms. We thank you so much for your support. We really cannot do this without you. Stay tuned to the Legislation Tracker! It will be updated on a regular basis!

6 Responses

  1. Please send me information on any new gun control laws or anything that effects my 2nd amendment rights.
  2. Blane
    We want our Constitutional Right to Own and Bear Arms NOW. The Privilege the State offers to obtain that Right as a Privilege is a violation of our Constitutional Rights, our 2nd Amendment to be specific!!!
  3. The only time a career politician acts is when their reelection is in jeopardy. We need to stand together and stand strong, making it abundantly clear that any politician that doesn't work to further the passage of this bill will face consequences. We must find and support Tea Party type candidates and encourage them to run in a primary against these impotent politicians. That's what will further our cause.
  4. Question: Is there a possibility Texas can have their/our own 2nd Amendment so that the Federal Government can't legislate against our right (s) considering Federal Laws clash with State(s) laws the majority of times?
  5. Mr. Wills I have sent two email ref: Kettler Cox, 1 contained news article. The other, a video at Kansas Capitol, featuring Sheriff Mack (Mack Price vs US- State supremacy-Scalia), Krisanne Hall. 80+min
  6. Kindly quit assuming that those of us that understand and will fight to uphold and maintain the 2nd Amendment are somewhere on the Redpublican right wing...