The Texas Legislature and Constitutional Carry

Early on the morning of November 9, 2016, We The People officially elected Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. Since then, several pro-2nd Amendment groups breathed a sigh of relief that their AR platforms, 30 round magazines, and NFA items were safe from the clutches of Hillary Clinton's radically left-wing Supreme Court nominee, whomever that may have been. While the huge threat of HRC is gone, we at Lone Star Gun Rights are not going to slow down and will be taking the fight to Austin in order to restore our God-given 2nd Amendment rights here at home.

In case you're new to us, our mission is to urge the Legislature to pass Constitutional Carry in Texas, end all State-mandated gun free zones, and deem all Federal firearms laws invalid and unenforceable by the State of Texas. Unfortunately, despite having a Republican supermajority in both the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate, a Republican Lt. Governor, and a Republican Governor, every single one of these items will be a huge uphill battle for us to accomplish.

In 2014, the Republican Party of Texas Platform stated that they "collectively urge the legislature to pass 'constitutional carry' legislation," yet the elected Republicans of both chambers refused to do so. In 2016, the Republican Party of Texas went even further in adopting the following resolution to their official Platform (emphasis added):

Right to Keep and Bear Arms
We strongly oppose all laws that infringe on the right to bear arms. We oppose the monitoring of gun ownership, the taxation and regulation of guns, ammunition, and gun magazines. We collectively urge the legislature to pass “constitutional carry” legislation, whereby law-abiding citizens that possess firearms can legally exercise their God-given right to carry that firearm as well. We call for the elimination of all gun free zones. All federal acts, laws, executive orders, and court orders which restrict or infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms shall be invalid in Texas, not be recognized by Texas, shall be specifically rejected by Texas, and shall be considered null and void and of no effect in Texas. Firearms and ammunition manufactured and sold in the state of Texas are not covered under the Commerce Clause (Article I Section 8 of the United States Constitution) and therefore are not subject to federal regulation.

Back in January, we sent 173 Republicans running for the State House and State Senate a survey for them to pledge their support for passing these very legislative acts. Unfortunately, despite sending the surveys with return postage and a pre-addressed envelope, we received very few replies. In fact, only 30 total members of the upcoming 85th Legislature have signed and returned their pledges; 25 members of the House and 5 Senators. (Click the below image to view full size. To see your Representative/Senator's returned survey, click here).

As you can see, we have a lot of yellow that we need to turn green if we want any chance of accomplishing our mission, and we cannot do it alone. We need your help to ensure that Texas Republicans do the right thing and relinquish their unconstitutional authority and fully secure every Texan's 2nd Amendment rights. There are several ways that you can help out.

  1. Make sure you encourage all of your friends, family, coworkers, and that weird guy that hangs out at the water cooler to follow us on Facebook and share our posts, especially posts like this and other Legislative updates we will be publishing throughout the Legislative Session.
  2. Sign our Constitutional Carry Petition and encourage the aforementioned people to do the same.
  3. If your Senator and/or Rep is yellow, call, write, email, hoot, and holler at them until they can't ignore you anymore and have to disconnect entirely. That means we're getting to them. If they're green, call them and thank them for their pledge.
  4. Finally, if you are able, Donate to our organization. Funding is incredibly important and every cent counts. Every penny will fund petitions, block walks, flyers, signage, and just about everything else we need to turn that yellow into green.

There is zero excuse for the Texas Legislature to ignore the Republican Platform and pass these legislative acts to restore our 2nd Amendment rights. Unfortunately, if we sit idly by, excuses are the very thing we will receive. Let's make the 2nd Amendment "shall not be infringed" again!

All Our Thanks,

Lone Star Gun Rights

4 Responses

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  2. You should be able to carry your gun with out a permite that is our right .
  3. A new year to renew liberty in the State of Texas. A great time to reflect on the writing of young Mr. Alexander Hamilton, in "The Farmer Refuted". A great defender of God-given rights to the natural rights of man. God bless Lonestargr and God bless Texas!
  4. I will be sending my representatives (House and Senate) emails letting them know I expect their support for Constitutional Carry. As stated above, I shouldn't have to apply for a permit, pay a tax (fee is just tax spelled differently), to carry something the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution gives me as a law abiding citizen!
  5. Please uphold the Constitution, and protect our second amendment right!