Phil King Kills Constitutional Carry

Lone Star Gunners, this is not a post I was hoping to write. This piece is sure to infuriate each and every one of you. On Tuesday, April 25, Phil King all but said that he does not care about what We the People want. Taking a point of personal privilege at the committee meeting, King said, “I can tell you on numerous days, my office has received anywhere from 100-300 calls, and uncounted emails and other communications” regarding HB375 and HB1911. That said, since HB1911 has already been voted out, it is highly unlikely that any calls were for that bill.
That is not the infuriating part, however. This whole mess started the week prior when Phil King said that Attorney General Ken Paxton’s staff had indicated some issues they had with HB375. The issue was specifically not tying child support to the right to bear arms. Just a few hours following those statements, AG Paxton posted the following on Facebook:
This post directly contradicted King's statements, which we are not in any way sorry for applying pressure to his office. On Friday, AG Paxton again released a statement on Facebook contradictory to King's statement:
Because of these contradictions, Phil King decided that he absolutely had to address the issue. He called the issue "fake news" and slammed us for spreading an "internet myth." He went on to bash us for "harassment and bullying of my staff, and threats made against me and others by various... supporters of HB375."
Let me be perfectly clear to Mr. King: No one at Lone Star Gun Rights has ever told anyone to call and curse out Phil King's staff. That said, we completely understand how infuriating it is being constantly ignored by a public official elected to serve us; however, that does not give King a valid excuse to deny us our rights. While serving in the capacity of a committee chairman, Phil King represents ALL of Texas, not just his district. Only when he is on the House floor does he represent District 61.
King continued from his throne, but admitted he is ignoring us. "My staff had to clear off 400 voicemails in just the last few days, many of which were language none of us would use in public." Right here, King admits that he is receiving between 100-300 phone calls per day, an undisclosed number of emails and taken calls, and has deleted over 400 voicemails just from the past few days. I guarantee that no other single piece of legislation is garnering anywhere near this level of attention from across the State. He is blatantly admitting that he does not care about our support for HB375.
At this point of the meeting, Phil King asked a representative of the Attorney General's Office, Steve Pier, to testify as a resource witness. The exchange went as follows:

Phil King: With regard to the current version of HB375 by Stickland pending before this committee, have the concerns raised regarding child support enforcement by the AG's Office been corrected in that bill's current draft?

Steve Pier: No sir. And while it is the default setting of the agency to raise concerns anytime a bill draft is in conflict with current law or current practice, we certainly did so and appreciate you hearing us out on that. In the case of HB375, the agency is prepared to forego those concerns, and continue to be the nation's number one child support enforcement agency without that tool in our toolbox.

This clearly caught King off guard. What Mr. Pier said was that King is now the only obstacle standing in the way of HB375 getting out of committee. Clearly shocked, King stammered to ask “So what you’re informing me today, for the first time, and the committee, is that you are withdrawing the Attorney General’s office’s concern over the child support issue in HB 375?” Mr. Pier simply replied, "Yes sir." You can watch the entire exchange here:

The evidence is clear. While Phil King may continue to dismiss us as "fake news," he cannot escape the facts. King clearly was hoping that the AG's Office would take the heat for his act to leave HB375 pending. Fortunately, Mr. Pier's testimony only further proves that Phil King is no friend to our right to bear arms. He ignored the over 75,000 petitions that were brought back in March specifically for HB375. He is deliberately ignoring 100-300 calls per day, and hundreds of voicemails and emails, also for HB375. Phil King is NOT for Constitutional Carry.
Here is the cold hard truth; the 85th Legislative Session ends May 29th. Even if King passed HB375 out of committee today, it still has to go through Calendars, a House Vote, Senate Committee, Senate Calendars, and a Senate vote. In the House, the Calendars Committee has to report a bill within 30 days, but their last day of reporting is May 9th.
Sadly, Phil King has single-handedly killed HB375 with these unnecessary delays. We will not quit fighting until the final gavel of the 85th Session. We will also be preparing for Primary season and gearing up to find candidates who actually support Constitutional Carry. To do this, we need a war chest. Every incumbent will be tough to beat, but we have beaten them before.
Unfortunately, we cannot do this without your donations. Please donate what you are comfortable with, and consider doing so monthly. Primary season will be here before you know it and we need all the donations we can get if we want to beat these RINOs. Thank you for your loyalty and support during this session. We could not have gotten nearly as far as we did without your help. With your help, we can fire those responsible for this travesty.

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  1. I don't live in his district, but I'm a proud Texan. I will do whatever I can in the next election to get him replaced by someone who does respect our rights, and not play games in our state legislature. I'm sick of him and Joe Straus.
  2. Does anyone understand the nature of a right that is Guaranteed and protected by the IIA? He has NO RIGHT to infringe our right to keep and bear arms. So we cannot be denied our rights by him or anyone else INCLUDING members of ANY law enforcement agencies, judges or members of Congress. WE WILL CARRY!! Please, let him get in our way!
  3. Why are we wasting time trying to get a law passed? We already have a law. It's called the Second Amendment. Quit trying to appease them. They are leading us around by the short hairs.
  4. Who is this guy to think he is more important than WE the PEOPLE and the CONSTITUTION? NO MORE of people like him. He is not a RINO he is a socialist.
  5. Rep. King is not and does not support the best interest of Texans and should be recalled and replaced with someone that cares about the rights and safety of all Texans. He is a disgrace to our State just like Sheila Jackson Lee and does not listen to what the people want. All he cares about is his own political agendas and should step down if he won't represent the best interest and desires of the people he is supposed to represent.
  6. Another politician elected to serve the citizens of Texas, who has mostly served himself. I just wonder who bought this one off. This and he is a fine example of just how much and why we need term limits. They can only work for us a few years before they become corrupt and are bought by some lobbyist, and then they only see the money, they go blind to why they were elected.
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  8. So what is the plan now that HB 375 has been left in committee? Will an effort be made to support HB 1911? Seems like the best course of action is to support HB 1911 and then work on lessening the restrictions it imposes during the next legislative session.
  9. Phil King should consider that the people who put him in office, can remove him from office. If he is not willing to support the will of the people, the people can and will show him the fickle finger at election time. We do not need him.
  10. Texas government is just like D.C. How the hell can ONE (1) man, one man stop an action like this or anything else? I'm totally decussed with these politicians having rules like this. Maybe what we need in Texas again is another San Jacinto for independence. I have no more tolerance for stupid. Tell me the last time a police officer was there when "Tommy Thug" was in your face.
  11. I am not in Kings district and I too will be donating money to any challenger. As this man is not a pro 2nd amendment supporter. I called NRA-ILA and the grassroots rep was clueless about HB375 vs HB 1911 and couldn't give me a answer as to why they supported this man and HB1911. Rep King is a liar and that was proved by our AG. As a NRA life member I am shocked how clueless ILA was in answering my questions. Can't wait for them to call and ask me for another donation. So what is the future now with regards to HB375 where do we go from here?
  12. I do live in his district and I have wanted to vote him out of office for a long time. the problem is he has run unopposed the last few elections
  13. Dan
    It's Time to vote for a Democrat in Parker County. Republicans in this county is why I quit the party. I'll vote Democratic for the first time if he's not primaried . It would be much easier to remove a first term democrat than for the incumbent to run unopposed. Leaders in this county will never let anyone run against their hand picked candidates.
  14. Yes we already have a law passed, it in the Penal Code Section 46. It makes carrying a HANDGUN illegal, except in certain circumstances. The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States does not say you cannot keep or bear arms. In Texas you can keep and bear all the arms you want, openly or publicly, so long as that "arm" is NOT a HANDGUN which is made constitutionaly illegal by the Texas Penal Code Section 46. That section of the Texas Penal Code doesn't say a thing about long guns (legal rifles or shotguns.)
  15. I will support whatever it takes to assure he is legally eliminated from the Texas legislature as soon as possible.
  16. I don't live in his district but am happy to help, in any way I can, with a "Not Another Penny For King" movement. The system isn't broken, the people in it are just corrupt.
  17. So. Rep King deliberately and willfully ignored the will of the people. He also ignored his "sworn oath of office" - to defend & protect the Constitution of Texas. A breech of Trust, & violation of his sworn oath. Unfortunately, Texas does not have impeachment / recall on the books. Can the Ombudsman assist?
  18. NRA-ILA and TSPRA have been supporting HB 1911. Neither have said a word about HB 375. Make of this what you will.
  19. I keep saying this, so I am going to be a broken record. We need to get HB 1911 passed because it's all we're getting this year. Next session we'll push a bill correcting what was wrong with it and including what's right with HB 375. Meanwhile, when HB1911 clears the Calendar Committee write a polite email and/or make a polite phone call lobbying for its passage. Refrain from making threats or using vulgarities. Do the same when it goes to the Senate at each stage. Or be prepared to need to have a license to go heeled until at least September 2019.
  20. Derek Wills
    HB1911 will take 20 years to fix. Our elected officials don't want to fix the problems it causes. It will be a huge step backwards if passed.
  21. Quite bluntly, my license is paid through 2020 and I can afford to wait for Constitutional, or at least Permitless, Carry to pass in the 2019 session. Many of our fellow Texans need it to pass this year. There is no guarantee that support for gun rights among non "gunnies" will be as strong then as it is now. If you want to get rid of being required to have a permit to carry by 1 September 2017 support HB 1911. If ideological purity is worth waiting two more years to get rid of the requirement to get a carry permit, do what you think is right.