Dan Patrick Seeks Only to Register Texas Gun Owners

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the demigod that blessed our great State with licensed and taxed Open Carry last session, is seeking to continue registering gun owners under the guise of a no-cost LTC bill. SB16 and its House counterpart, HB339, as filed, would completely eliminate the $140 fee to obtain a Texas LTC as well as the $100 fee to obtain an LTC Instructor Certification. Sounds great on paper, right?

Unfortunately, this is all a ruse to get us peasants to fall in line for our bread crumbs and be thankful for the morsels that Lt. Dan and his ilk are gracious enough to feed us. Here is the bottom line: Texas has a Republican supermajority in both the House and the Senate, and Lt. Dan is the holder of arguably the most powerful Office in the State of Texas. There are absolutely zero excuses as to why Republicans can't get Constitutional Carry passed since Democrats hardly exist in the Legislature.

Why, then, will the most powerful man in Texas not prioritize passing the Constitutional Carry bill that the Texas Republican Party Platform dictates as Legislative Priority #1? The answer is simple: Dan Patrick is not the 2nd Amendment champion that he claims to be. He is a power-hungry RINO who only cares about doing just enough to keep us peasants happy so we will send him back to Austin in 2019.

Rep. Jonathan Stickland and Sen. Don Huffines each filed a Constitutional Carry bill in 2015 where they both died in committee. Rep. Stickland filed another bill this session (HB375) as well. Unfortunately, instead of adhering to the Texas GOP Platform and prioritizing it, Lt. Dan's focus is on the licensing fees. By claiming "free LTC's for everyone," Lt. Dan is doing nothing but pushing to register more gun owners. The State of Texas must still know that you, John Smith at 123 Houston St. in Austin, TX, have at least one firearm and carry it. That is the very definition of registration.

The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to keep and bear arms. The State of Texas is currently stealing our right to bear arms away and selling them back to us. What Lt. Dan is pretending he wants to do is change "selling" to "giving," but he knows that won't really happen. The House Appropriations Committee will not allow the State of Texas to eat the costs of the LTC program. In the end, all that will happen is the $140 fee will be reduced to some other number. Nothing will have been accomplished, but Lt. Dan will fly his faux-2nd Amendment flag high and cry "I tried" from the rooftops. Even if it does pass at $0 to obtain an LTC, we will still need the State of Texas to give us permission to exercise our rights. Permission means it is not a right, but a privilege.

Dan Patrick doesn't really care about our 2nd Amendment rights. Period. If he did, he would prioritize both bills and fight like hell to pass Constitutional Carry and reduce the fees for anyone who wants an LTC for reciprocity reasons. He would direct the committee chairmen to get all gun bills to the floor so every member can be on record one way or the other. The truth is that Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wants to further his political career and he won't do that by fully appeasing us.

So what can we do? All of us need to call, write, email, and visit Lt. Dan's office until he has to disconnect his phone, shutdown his email, and refuses to see anyone. When that happens, keep doing it. Tell your friends to do the same. If you haven't signed our Constitutional Carry Petition, please do so and share it on social media. We cannot get Constitutional Carry passed without each and everyone of you helping, whether that be time, donating a few bucks, or just pressuring your Representatives and Senators. We need you in order to make this happen. If enough pressure gets applied to Lt. Dan and the members of the Legislature, then they will be forced to accommodate us. Let them know that WE THE PEOPLE are in charge! Not them!

You can Contact the Lieutenant Governors Office in the following ways:

By Phone:

  • The Texas Lieutenant Governor Comment Line: (512) 463-5342
  • The Texas Lieutenant Governor Office Line: (512) 463-0001

By Email:


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 12068, Austin, TX. 78711

6 Responses

    Great article. You called it like it is. I read an article by the NRA this week bragging and cheering Lt Gov Dan Patrick for backing the no fees for LTC. The NRA is aware of yhe Constitutional Carry Bills submitted last month. They wrote absolutely nothing about those bills but boy were they elated with these no fee bills. Why? Because just like the LT GOV needs to keep you on the lease, know how many own and possibly carry a firearm, the NRA needs that also. They need it for their tracking and bragging. But the main reason is it allows them to keep squeezing you for more money. They say we don't have the right to keep and bear, the powers that be won't get liberty passed, send us money so we can use it as we see fit on ads for more money, programs, Executive s pay and bonuses, oh and we will give a little toward promoting certain candidates for office you will also talk big and deliver little; after all WE ARE IN BUSINESS TO STAY IN BUSINESS.
  2. Spot On! Called to support Sticklands HB 375! Call Em!
  3. Reading bills is such a headache but necessary to us concerned with our God-given rights, preceeding, even, the Constitution & the Declaration of Independence. (Typo: HB-339 is noted as "HB-335", above) "Capitol Access Pass" Both House & Senate bills are applying parts of Tx established "gun law" and exempting fees & certain parts of the gun law to establish a "Capitol Access Pass"; by creating a loophole in "CAP"; by exempting residency: Tx. citizen & noncitizen (entitlement to gain waived requirements of gun permit law) & to a certain prescribed "citizen" inorder to bypass the "peons" at the Texas Capitol metal detector entrance, free of charge for 5 years. BYPASS: "certain" required gun laws: criminal background check read as "non-criminal public records search". Waived fees associated with gun permit; waived gun-range time; missing "noted" subset (b) of required code of law. (in hodgepodge order; unfortunately, by memory) PRESCRIBED CITIZENS: Retired State & Federal Judges; Active lawyers; Veterans; -at reduced fees; to recover bad check fees & record mgmt. only, minimal fees) establishing a privileged class for CAP Director approval. Am I misreading these bills subverting our gun laws with a CAP loophole?
  4. Great insight. And spot on. Just one of the reasons, I think we have a chance to make up some ground in this race and others. And why I am considering running for Lt Governor.