Lone Star Gunners Call to Action!!!

This is a Call To Action! Only two of the six Republicans on the Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee have cosponsored HB375! The remaining four hold the fate of Constitutional Carry in their hands. We need to get them on board! Calling all six Republicans can help move that along! It is equally important to thank the two who have cosponsored for standing up to return our freedoms to us. The remaining four, we need to call and urge them to cosponsor!

The following Republicans HAVE cosponsored HB375! Call and thank them:

  • Matt Schaefer – 512-463-0584
  • Will Metcalf – 512-463-0726

The following Republicans have NOT yet cosponsored HB375! Call and urge them to:

  • Phil King – 512-463-0738
  • DeWayne Burns – 512-463-0538
  • Justin Holland – 512-463-0484
  • John Wray – 512-463-0516

Your calls work! We have already been responsible for shutting down their phone systems with support for HB375! Let’s keep that going! We do not yet know when HB375 will be scheduled for a hearing, but the soonest date will be March 21. If you would like to show up to the Capitol to testify on behalf of Constitutional Carry, please email Justin@LoneStarGR.com or message our Facebook page for information on how to do that. It is an all-day event, but it will be hugely beneficial to our mission. Thanks for all of your support!

Molon Labe!

3 Responses

  1. We now have the names of the 4 ass clowns that are holding out against our Constitutional rights so next election we know who needs to be FIRED please post this. We need to make damn sure that these worthless ass clowns work for us and should know we will not keep quite and if they will look at this past election then let it be known that Americans are tired of these worthless politician's not doing the will of the people.
  2. Support this gun bill or be prepared to lose your job.
  3. I made the calls and was told that Burns and Wray are in support! Keep up the calls my friends. Luke 22:36 because the ability to defend yourself and others is more important than comfort. #AmazingDocGreeneShow working for our liberty every day from 1-3PM CST on AmericanVoiceRadio.com and You Tube