Join Us In Austin for Texas GOLD!

On Thursday Morning, Texas Firearms Freedom will be hosting a massive event in partnership with all of Texas' biggest pro-2nd Amendment rights groups! These groups include:

- Texas Firearms Freedom
- Lone Star Gun Rights
- Texans for Accountable Government
- Open Carry Texas
- Texas Gun Rights
- Cold Dead Hands
- Texas Log Cabin Republicans
- Gun Owners of America
- National Association of Gun Rights

The Texas Gun Owners Lobby Day (GOLD) will kick off at 8am at JHR 130. This room will be available until 4pm for networking, collecting literature, and getting your free t-shirt! The full schedule is as follows:

8am-4pm – room open for activists to network, get information & t-shirts, collect literature to hand out, etc.

10am – gun bill briefing

10:30am – divide into groups and visit legislators’ offices in the Capitol

12pm – PRESS EVENT & group photo

1pm – gun bill briefing

1:30pm – divide into groups and visit legislators’ offices in the Capitol

Even if you can't stay the full day, showing up for just one of the two group visits will make a world of difference, and we would love to have your support.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Today is Tuesday the 28th of February. Dare I assume the first Thursday of March?
  2. It would be nice to see actual DATES for these events, and dont for get to call in on the #AmazingDocGreeneShow to publicize these events. 855-355-1955
  3. ? Just saw this, guess I missed it? Which side are you guys on?