HB375 and How We Advance It

By now you know that Rep. Jonathan Stickland's Constitutional Carry Act of 2017, HB375, has been making waves in the media and across Texas. Filed back in November, the bill has now been sent to the Homeland Security & Public Safety (HS&PS) Committee for consideration. In addition to this, HB375 has also added 1 additional author and 13 coauthors.

Last session, the Constitutional Carry bill died in Committee and was never given a hearing. This session, Rep. Phil King (R-61) has assured Rep. Stickland that HB375 will get a hearing. This is a huge step up from last session. This is because of our Lone Star Gunners, like you, have called enough to make the difference. In fact, during their first meeting, Rep. King said, "We had so many calls in one day that it shut down the entire phone system so the IT system had to come in and reset the phones." Mark this as Phase 1 complete.

Now we begin Phase 2. We need to keep calling daily, however, our message is different. It is imperative that we do two things:

  1. Call the Reps on the HS&PS Committee who have not yet coauthored HB375 and insist that they do.
  2. Call the Reps on the HS&PS Committee who have coauthored HB375 and thank them.

Both of these steps are equally important. Shutting down their phone systems to thank them for coauthoring a bill will have a huge impact, and will help them decide how hard to fight for it. Here are the Republicans on the HS&PS Committee, their phone numbers, and if they have coauthored HB375:


Rep District Coauthor Office Number
Matt Schaefer 6 Yes 512-463-0584
John Wray 10 No 512-463-0516
Will Metcalf 16 Yes 512-463-0726
Justin Holland 33 No 512-463-0484
DeWayne Burns 58 No 512-463-0538
Phil King 61 No 512-463-0738


The HS&PS Committee consists of nine members, six of which are the aforementioned Republicans. If five of them vote in favor of HB375, that will move it out of Committee for Calendars to schedule for a vote. Here is the goal for Phase 2: Have these six Republicans' phones ringing off the hook in support for HB375, thanking the "Yes's," and insisting the "No's" change to "Yes's."

Once HB375 is scheduled for a hearing, we need as many of our Lone Star Gunners as we can get to show up and testify. If their phones are shutting down daily and we have a line of people out the door to testify in favor of HB375, this group of Republicans will have a difficult time tabling this bill to die.

This is our Call to Action for all of our Lone Star Gunners! Continue to call these gentlemen as often as you can. Let's make their phone systems shut down each and every day. Share this post with everyone on social media. Have your friends do the same. Together we can show Lt. Gov. Patrick that he was wrong back in January! The votes are there! The support is there! And we demand our 2nd Amendment rights restored in full!

11 Responses

  1. There is no reason to pass a bill that the lawmakers have no right to oversee anyway. The second amendment is clear and plain in addressing the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms. Until this is changed by a Congressional Convention it is unlawful for congress or the states to make a law restricting our rights to keep and bear arms. READ THE CONSTITUTION.
  2. Thank you, Mr. Wills, for reminding me of my civic duty to keep congress in check of how we want to be governed and to remind those we elected that our rights were ordained by God not by government.
  3. Ultimately I would Like to see Texas totally Eliminate ..the 'CHL' Carry requirement all together..as has been most recently accomplished I believe in N.H. Joining 7 other States that have eliminated that requirement... Maine,Arizona,Kansas,Wyoming,Alaska,Vermont,Missouri....... Your 2A , + ability to Pass a Background Check should Suffice..!!!!
  4. Can we count on being contacted when those against HB375 are up for re election so we can fund their opponent regardless of what their stance is on HB375? [If we can't sway their vote what do we need them for?] We can then focus on problem districts as a statewide force [Pooling our campaign contributions] instead of letting a few local votes hold us up from our goals by electing people against those goals instead. If we have people in office against us we are not taking much of a chance removing them from that office and trying someone new who might be the same way, after all what do we have to lose in that case? Since the State of Texas has already tasted the income of CCL it won't be an easy fight and while on the topic how does Joe Strauss stay in office?
  5. This bill falls under the Texas Constitution Art 1 Sec 17 which is similar to the 2A but adds an additional stipulation. That stipulation is that Legislatures can pass laws related to Firearms as long as their laws would restrict crime. So that is now our job to convince them that Constitutional Carry would further restrict crime even more so than Licensed Carry.
  6. I pray those who do not vote for the carry law are not strolling across a field and looking at a rattlesnake shaking his rattler. A 90 year old friend of mine is still recovering after 8 months -- He got bit between the fingers in his garage. BFF
  7. Hello Mr. McCabe, I respectfully disagree. The 2nd Amendment is only binding upon Congress and not the legislatures of the individual States. The Union has morphed into something quite grotesque and hideous in comparison to what the intentions of its founding members were. Especially this notion or mindset that all solutions must come from Washington DC. Take for example the "incorporation doctrine" that the 2nd Amendment applies to the states equally through what I call the "miracle Amendment" (Amendment 14). The 14th Amendment has been used time and time again to bludgeon and bully states into submission of laws that shouldn't have any bearing upon them whatsoever. Abortion being one them in the Roe v. Wade decision. The 14th Amendment was used in that decision to tell state legislatures they had no right to make laws that forbade the practice of abortion when in fact the "equal protection" clause of Amendment 14 was written specifically to ensure newly freed slaves were afforded the same rights as whites. Another even more egregious abuse of Amendment 14 is this idiotic idea that foreigners who cross our borders and pop out baby in a hospital located in the United States automatically makes that child a US citizen!!! What a crock of stinky you know what!!! I'm sorry but truthfully, the founders made the 2nd Amendment applicable only to congress because they didn't want an over reaching Federal Government to have the power to touch a basic God given right of the people collectively and as individuals to self protection with the bearing of arms. I could go on and on and on but I won't. Please do not interpret my reply as anaasult against you personally. I used to think just like you but the research of a real, true conservative constitutional scholar named Dr. Kevin Gutzman has challenged what I thought I knew about the constitution and founding fathers. He has a few books you might also find helpful: Thomas Jefferson - Revolutionary and The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Constitution. It's ok to ask yourself if your ideas are in line with the Founding Fathers and ask yourself if you truly believe as they did. Dr Gutzman will be a breath of fresh air to you. Have a great day. :)
  8. Derek Wills
    Does that mean that the States have the authority to establish a religion, and prohibit the free exercise thereof? The States have the authority to abridge freedom of speech and the press? Your logic also dictates that the States have the authority to conduct unreasonable searches and seizures without a warrant supported by oath signed by a magistrate, is that also the case? I guess Jefferson was wrong and should have told the Danbury Baptists that the State of Connecticut was able to establish religion...
  9. You make a great point on the misuses of the 14th but fall flat on your face in asserting that the states can wipe away a "God given right" acknowledged in the Constitution. Under your logic any state legislation could strip away your protection against self incrimination, dictate a single official religion, abolish a free press, torture criminals and so on. Which other "God given", Constitutionally protected rights are you will to allow your state to recind? We can see you are OK with giving away your right of self protection.
  10. I hate my life but at least this makes it beealbar.