Springfield XD-E – Review (VIDEO)

The Springfield XD-E is the newest polymer pistol in Springfields lineup. What sets this pistol apart from the other Springfield polymer pistols, is that this one has an external hammer, is single-action double-action and also has a thumb safety, that also functions as a de-cocker.

The gun comes packaged in a very nice springfield branded hard case. Inside the case the foam comes pre-cut with each of the items in the box having their own spot. The pistol ships with two magazines, an 8 round flush and a 9 round extended magazine. They also include two different style base plates; one is flush and the other has a pinky extension. This is so you can either make the 8 round magazine flush or add the pinky extension for a full grip.

As we mentioned, this pistol is single-action double-action. Double-action meaning that the first trigger pull performs two functions. It first cocks the hammer, and as you continue to squeeze, it fires the gun – making it two distinct actions. Single-action means the trigger pull only performs one action which in this case would be releasing the hammer once the slide is racked or the hammer is cocked.

The XD-E is comprable in size to the XD-S only being slightly bigger in a couple of spots. The XD-E does not fit into an XD-S holster.

The fit and finish on the XD-E is really good. The polymer frame is high quality and feels good in the hand. The machining on the slide is very nice and has a positive grip when racking and manipulating the slide. The factory sights are good and easy to pick up with the front post being fiber optic. In the box you also get more fiber optic rods in case you need to replace one or if you want to change from orange to yellow.

Springfield Xde

Springfield XD-E

This pistol has something that Springfield calls (L.E.S.) or Low Effort Slide. They claim it requires 27% less effort to rack the slide. We definitely notice the difference. Racking the slide on this pistol is very smooth and almost effortless.

The trigger on this pistol in double-action mode is heavy and has a very long pull before it finally breaks. In single-action mode the trigger is less than half the pull of double action mode with the trigger breaking really far towards the back of the frame. Having large hands, I prefer the trigger break to happen a little more forward. I can say that the trigger itself is very smooth in both actions. For our test unit, the 5 pull average weight in double-action mode is 9lb 9.7oz and the 5 pull average weight in single-action mode is 4lb 5.9oz.

The breakdown on this gun is exactly the same as many of the XD(M)'s or XD-S's:

  1. Pull the slide back, lock it in place
  2. Twist the takedown lever upwards
  3. Pull the slide back to release it
  4. Pull the slide off

The XD-E does not require a trigger pull in order to remove the slide.

One thing that we did notice while trying to reassemble the pistol is that the ejector has a little bit of movement to it. And if it's not in the right spot while trying to reassemble the slide you will not be able to put it back together. There's a spring next to the ejector that if you push it over a hair onto the ejector it keeps it from moving, but we don't know how long this fix will last. This seems to me like something Springfield should have thought of. If you have ever had to reassemble a slide in a high-stress situation you know this certainly wouldn't help. (Watch the video for better look)

Springfield Xde

Springfield XD-E Disassembled

After shooting 200 rounds through the XD-E, I can say that the gun is accurate, and I didn't have any issues with the different types of ammo used. To test the pistol we used:

  • Aguila 117 grain jacketed hollow points
  • Federal 115 grain full metal jacket round nose
  • Monarch 145 grain steel cased hollow points
  • Monarch 115 grain steel cased full metal jacket round nose rounds
Springfield Xde

Ammunition Used For Testing


Overall, I like the XD-E. The only dislikes I have are how long the trigger pull is in double-action mode, and how far back the break is in single-action mode. The XD-E does not have interchangeable backstraps, so there's no way for me to change the length of pull. Even then, I'm not sure it would solve the problem for me, since the grip is comfortable in my hand as is. Hopefully, there will be some aftermarket parts that could fix this in the future. In all I would not hesitate to carry the XD-E.

We'd like to thank Central Texas Gun Works for supplying this gun for review. If you're in the Austin area go check them out. They have a great selection and can order anything you need.

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  1. I have the same concerns about the trigger, though I have not shot one yet. If I find the trigger as mushy on the range, I will not purchase it. Otherwise, I love the pistol.