Mossberg Shockwave – Review – VIDEO

New for 2017 and with a MSRP of $455, the Mossberg 590 Shockwave is a 14" pump action firearm that does not require any NFA paperwork.

The gun comes packaged in a basic cardboard box with 2 decals, owners manual, Mossberg branded gun lock and a letter from the Department of Justice explaining the legalities of the gun.

Because a brand-new receiver is fitted, at the factory, with a pistol grip first instead of a shoulder stock, it's considered a Pistol Grip Only (PGO) firearm. If the overall length of that firearm, with the pistol grip and barrel installed, is greater than 26", then the barrel can legally be shorter than 18". In the case of the 14" barrel Mossberg 590 Shockwave, the Raptor bird's head grip gives the gun an overall length of 26.32". That makes the Shockwave legally considered a “firearm,” and not a shotgun.

The gun features a hard anodized aluminum receiver, 14" matte blue steel barrel with brass bead sight, Shockwave technologies birds head grip, ambidextrous top mounted safety and a shockwave technologies raptor strap forend. The fit, finish and quality of the gun is good and it feels solid in your hands.

The Shockwave's capacity is 5+1 when loading 2 3/4" shells. Loading 3" shells drops the capacity to 4+1.

Mossberg Shockwave

Mossberg Shockwave

While shooting the gun it was difficult for me to raise to a level where the front bead sight was actually useful. This has to do with the angle of the birds head grip and it being uncomfortable for me to bend my wrist much more than I was. This may vary and not be as much of an issue to someone else. Whether you're raising the gun up or shooting it from the hip, you're really not using the front sight to aim with. Despite this I was still able to put many rounds on target at 7 yards.

Being such a small gun it does have quite a bit of kick and with sweaty hands it can be difficult to hold on to. After shooting the gun I'm convinced that front strap is more for keeping the gun in your hand than it is keeping your hand away from the muzzle.

Mossberg Shockwave

Mossberg Shockwave

We performed a trigger pull test on our Shockwave and the 5 pull average was 4 lb 2.7 oz. We had no complaints here.

I had a lot of fun shooting the Shockwave and it's definitely a lot of power in a small package. That being said it was hard for me to really find the practicality in it. But If you're just looking for a gun that is a blast to shoot this one fits the bill. We also really like to see firearm manufacturers push the limits of the NFA requirements pointing out how ridiculous some of them are. Hopefully someday we will no longer have these requirements.

Mossberg Shockwave

Mossberg Shockwave

And that's all we have for today we'd like to thank Central Texas Gun Works for supplying this gun for review. If you're in the Austin area go check them out. They have a great selection and can order anything you need.

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