Help Us Defend Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Our mission at Lone Star Gun Rights is to enact Constitutional Carry in Texas and defend our rights against all who threaten them. We can’t do it without your support. Every dollar you donate will fund our fight in Austin to protect our second amendment rights from politicians who seek to usurp them. Donate now and let your voice be heard loud and clear!


The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

Lone Star Gun Rights is committed to protecting your second amendment rights. We adamantly believe that our Founding Fathers never intended the States to have the authority to force their citizens to seek permission to bear arms, and then tax them to do so. The second amendment is not for sport or hunting game. It is to keep our God-given right to defend ourselves, our neighbors, and our property from all who may threaten it.

Your donations keep us going

Every dollar that you donate will fund our fight in Austin and across the Great State of Texas. During the 2015 Session, we delivered over 45,000 Constitutional Carry petitions to all 181 Legislators and even hand delivered them to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's office. We also testified before several committees in support of Constitutional Carry. During the 2016 Primaries, we mailed out Constitutional Carry surveys to every Republican running and organized block walk campaigns against anti-Constitutional Carry candidates and were successful in many of those races.


Thank you for your support!

All of this was funded 100% by donations like yours. Without your help, we would not be able to return fire against those elitist politicians who seek to steal our rights and sell them back to us. Your donation is the ammunition in our war against those who seek to infringe upon our second amendment rights. Without it, we are defenseless.