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An Open Letter to Gov. Greg Abbott

Gov. Abbott, On Friday, November 4, 2016, in response to a credible terrorist threat to the State of Texas from the FBI, you issued a statement in which you asked all Texans to "remain vigilant over the next several days." While I am certain that you have been coordinating with the Texas Department of Public…
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2nd Amendment Can Bush Buy a Clue???

Jeb Bush, the media darling in the GOP Presidential race is out of his mind.  The presidential hopeful doesn't have a clue about the US Constitution. The 2nd amendment clearly states the right to bear arms shall not be infringed and is designed to provide America's citizens a means to protect themselves from a tyrannical government.…
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The Tactics of Anti-Gunners

As the anti-gunners are running out of political ammunition and their tactics of void arguments are being destroyed, people are growing weary of hearing their mindless rants.  Those who are opposed to the gun culture - the mad mommies, the Brady bunch and their ilk - are re-doubling their efforts to infringe on the rights…
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