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The CZ Scorpion pistol was originally released in 2015, to be later followed up by the carbine model which was released in 2016. Both models have a non reciprocating side charging handle, adjustable trigger reach and ambidextrous controls. Both the frame and the magazines are made from a high grade polymer to keep the gun lightweight yet durable. The gun is easy to shoot, has low recoil, comfortable ergonomics out of the box and is extremely affordable. It's no wonder why the CZ scorpion is so popular.


Despite being such a good firearm to begin with, it does have its shortcomings. The factory charging handle is small and would be very hard to manipulate with gloves on or just large hands in general. This could also be an issue in high stress situations.


Factory Charging Handle

The factory trigger is very heavy with some of them measuring over 9 lbs. This could make taking shots beyond 50 yards more difficult, as well as, making it more difficult to obtain faster follow up shots.

The factory magazine release is an interesting design which allows you to use either your trigger finger or thumb to release the magazines. While it functions okay it is not the most efficient nor the most intuitive to learn how to use quickly.

Shooters Element

In order to fix these issues we reached out to Shooters Element. Shooters Element has been making high quality CZ Scorpion parts since 2015. In fact, Shooters Element was the first company to release an aftermarket trigger for the CZ Scorpion.

Charging Handle

In order to improve the charging handle on our Scorpion we opted to go for one of the Shooters Element Improved Charging Handles. The charging handles are machined out of 6061-t6 billet aluminum with a type 2 hard coat anodize applied in either red or black. For ours we opted for the red. The rod of the charging handle is made out of high-grade stainless steel so it will never rust or deteriorate.


Shooters Element Charging Handle on left and Factory on Right

The new charging handle is a vast improvement over the original. Now I can easily fit two fingers on the charging handle while manipulating the bolt. I see this charging handle as being much easier to manipulate whether you have gloves on or if you're in a high-stress situation. The fit, finish and quality of the charging handle is very high.


We've done multiple things to our Scorpion in order to fix the trigger. First we replaced the original trigger with the Shooters Element Enhanced Flat Trigger. This trigger is machined out of 6061-t6 aluminum just like the charging and is also available in red or black. For ours we went with red once again.


Shooters Element Enhanced Flat Trigger

Over all the fit, finish and feel of the enhanced flat trigger is another huge improvement over the factory. The angled part at the bottom of the trigger allows you to get a little bit more leverage for a lighter pull and it also allows you to more consistently put your finger in the same spot each time you shoot.

Trigger Pack

Next thing we did to improve the trigger was to have Shooters Element install an HB Industries reduced weight trigger spring kit. Others have reported that just this spring kit alone could lower your trigger pull to around 6 lbs but we didn't stop there. We opted to have Shooters Element perform one of their internal trigger polish services. This is where they take your factory trigger pack apart and polish all of the areas that come in contact with one another, effectively reducing drag,grit and trigger weight.


Shooters Element Polished Internals

On our Scorpion, these modifications have resulted in a trigger pull that is just under 4 pounds. This is a huge improvement over our factory trigger that was pulling over 9lbs. This has greatly improved the speed of our follow up shots and the accuracy of our shots beyond 50 yards. We are very pleased with the results.

Magazine Release

In order to improve our magazine release we went with the Shooters Element Extended Magazine Release. The magazine release is machined from 6061-t6 aluminum with a type 2 hard coat anodize that is available in either red or black. For ours we went with red again.


Shooters Element Extended Mag Release

This magazine release is a huge improvement over the factory. The factory magazine release does not have the paddle below the trigger guard, which, in our opinion, makes all the difference in the world. This makes it more similar to an AK or an MP5, but, in our opinion, better than both. The improved mag release still has provisions on either side of the trigger guard so that the magazine release can still be manipulated with your trigger finger while also incorporating the benefits of the paddle. In our testing, magazine drops and swaps were much faster and more intuitive due to this extended mag release.


All in all, we are really happy with how much better our Scorpion performs. If you are looking into getting a Scorpion, or just looking for some upgrades for your Scorpion, we don't feel you can go wrong with Shooters Element. The whole process from when I packaged up my parts and sent them to Shooters Element only took about a week. If you're interested in checking out any of the products that we've talked about in this video we have links in the description. Don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and to like us on Facebook. As always Lone Star Gunners stay armed and stay vigilant.

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