About Lone Star Gun Rights

Our Mission

Lone Star Gun Rights has its aim set on one thing: Constitutional Carry legislation in Texas. When our second amendment was penned, it was deemed that our right to bear arms shall not be infringed. Constitutional Carry laws guarantee the freedom necessary to protect ourselves and each other.

Lone Star Gun Rights is trans-partisan so our mission stays focused on the natural rights of Texans, rather than the agendas of political figures and special interest groups. Since our constitution exists to enumerate the rights of every citizen in mind, our approach is never exclusive. We proudly welcome folks of all manners, means and mode, who are passionate in joining the fight for a freer, safer Texas. Instead of wasting resources negotiating our rights with politicians, we demand that they are recognized. Taking this straightforward, transparent approach, keeps our target in sight, frees us from back pedaling, so that we may act fast. Put plainly, we don’t settle for figureheads, we empower individual liberty!”

What We Do

Political Training

We show citizens how the political process works and how they can create change in their city, county or district.

Challenge Politicians

We hold politician's feet to the fire to make sure they don't betray the people they're meant to serve.

Empower Citizens

We elevate the voices of average citizens to ensure that they are heard.

Spread Knowledge

We ensure that citizens of Texas know their rights and have the information they need to protect themselves.

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Help us protect the rights of Texas Citizens to bear arms.

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